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Kelly Brooke Miller


Kelly is a Delmarva native currently teaching and training in Salisbury, MD.  She uses dressage principles across various disciplines, English and Western, to create harmonious partnerships between horse and rider.  Kelly has been a life long horse enthusiast and  ridden for over 40 years.  In 1999, she graduated from the John Lyons certification program and still uses these principles of natural horsemanship to improve the relationship and trust between horse and human on the ground.  Riding mostly hunters throughout her life, Kelly's interests in dressage really started when she met Lynn Palm in 2003 and started training regularly with both Lynn and her husband Cyril Piton-Rossilon.  It is truly Cyril, a graduate of the French National Riding School, that inspired Kelly with the French Classical teaching and training traditions to become the professional she is today.  She became a bronze level affiliate of the Palm Partnership Equestrian Academy in 2006.  Kelly is very passionate about brining those with a shared interest in dressage together through the Peninsula Dressage Club events and shows!


Jessica Murphy




Shawn McEntee


Practices natural horsemanship, primarily Parelli, and enjoys playing with her new baby, Pallas Athene who will be 3 in June.  Looking forward to riding regularly by the end of the summer.  Horses have been a big part of Shawn’s daily life for more than 50 years and natural horsemanship informs her teaching sociology at Salisbury University.  Shawn serves as Treasurer for Peninsula Dressage and co-manages the September schooling show.


Amie Blackwell


I have been a travel agent at AAA Mid Atlantic in Salisbury MD for over 25 years and can assist with anyone's travel needs.

I started riding my Appaloosa mare Moonlight Magic in 2001 we tried some trail and other small classes at the CESHS shows.  Shortly after I began taking dressage lessons from Jenny Mlyniec and riding in the Peninsula Dressage Schooling shows. We even went to the PVDA Chapter Challenge on several occasions at Training level.  When Moonlight was no longer rideable due to Cushings, respiratory distress and laminitis I rode her now grown colt (Cheveyo Cody) who belongs to my friend Theresa. I lost Moonlight in August of 2015.  Most recently, I am riding Jen Pino's draft cross horse Gulliver with whom I have finally experienced riding at 1st Level. I love attending clinics but do miss showing- our last show was June of 2017. I try to help with scoring at just about every show if I am not riding.   I own 3 cats and a female Nubian goat.   I purchased my new OTTB, Max, at the beginning of the pandemic. 

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